VAT Registrations


AT Registrations are essential for any business with a turnover which is over the VAT threshold. You can register voluntarily if it is below £83,000 although you may not have to if everything you sell is exempt from VAT.

You can find our more about VAT thresholds if you click here.

Our specialist VAT advisors can help you work out the best way to go about VAT Registration. You will be sent a VAT registration certificate confirming your VAT number and providing details of when to submit your first VAT Return. It will also state your ‘date of registration’ which is when you went over the VAT threshold.

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Once registered you have several responsibilities including charging the correct amount of VAT, paying VAT to HMRC, lodging VAT returns and keeping VAT records. We can also help you reclaim VAT which you may have paid on purchases before you were registered.

Since VAT is a complicated area we can help you with any VAT appeals & dispute resolution issues and handle HMRC mediation on your behalf. Our experts know how to deal with HMRC to attain the best outcome in these situations so you can trust us to ensure your VAT obligations run smoothly with proper VAT planning ahead of time.

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