VAT Health Checks


ur VAT team can help organise and carry out effective VAT health checks to increase efficiency.

VAT health checks are an important way to evaluate your business finances and accounting systems to shield you from unforeseen tax liabilities. Steedman and Company have extensive experience and the right experts on hand to take a look at all your affairs in order to target ways to reduce your VAT liability.

We do this by drawing up a checklist of methods to alter your systems and the way in which your employees handle VAT in relation to your business operations. We often help with areas such as capital transactions and cash flow management to quickly establish a robust overall accounting system which will keep your business running smoothly.

From the outset of my business, Steedman and Co have been a great support whenever I call on them. The level of service from their team is altogether comprehensive and they are also really pleasant people with a readiness to go the extra mile, above and beyond the call of duty. These are just some of the many qualities that make this family firm exceptional in their field.

Eric Davidson Edinburgh

VAT Health Checks Consultant Edinburgh Steedman