VAT Deadlines


MRC have a deadline in place for all paper Self Assesement Tax Returns and you need to be aware of VAT payment deadlines. We can handle this for you and it essentially involves taking a look at your VAT accounting period and lodging VAT returns on your behalf at the appropriate time.

You can calculate your accounting period yourself here.

It is essential to make sure any VAT you owe has been received by HMRC’s account by the deadline which is usually 1 month after the VAT period ends. If you send your VAT Return to HMRC online you may be able to get an extension of seven days for them to receive your payment. If you do send your VAT Return electronically you must also pay online.


We are able to handle all of this complication for you using our extensive experience. There are many ways to set up your VAT including quarterly or monthly returns. What is the right situation for you will depend on the nature of your business.

VAT Deadlines Steedman Consultant Scotland