How to Pay HMRC


here are several departments within HMRC for paying tax bills which fall under each specific category. Below you will find links directing you to the right area. If you would like us to help you beforehand you can contact us here.

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How to Pay HMRC Steedman Tax Midlothian

Links for paying HMRC

  • Pay Self Assessment tax Bills

    You can find out how to pay Self Assessment tax bills here

  • Pay VAT bills

    You can pay VAT bills by clicking through to the information here

  • Pay employer’s PAYE

    Get information about paying PAYE here

  • Capital Gains Tax

    You can find all the information you will require to pay Capital Gains Tax here

  • Beer, Wine and Cider Duty

    If you need to pay duty on beer, wine and cider visit the page found here

  • Spirits Verification Fee

    If you are looking for where to pay the Spirits Verification fee you can find details here

  • Repay overpayments of Child Benefit

    If you have been overpaid Child Benefit money get contact details here

  • Pay Construction Industry Scheme Late Filing Penalty

    If you have a Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) late filing penalty to pay click here

  • Pay Corporation Tax

    Pay Corporation Tax here

  • Pay Machine Games duty

    You can pay duty on Machine Games here

  • Pay gambling duties

    Pay all gambling duties here

  • Pay Class 2 National Insurance

    Pay Class 2 National Insurance if you do not pay through Self Assessment here

  • Pay your voluntary Class 3 National Insurance bill

    Find details here

  • Tax overpayments and underpayments

    Locate information relating to tax calculations, P800s and Simple Assessment letters  here

  • Inheritance Tax

    Pay your Inheritance Tax bill here

  • Insurance Premium Tax

    Pay Insurance Premium Tax here

  • Pay Money Laundering Regulations fees

    Find out how to pay any fees and penalties here

  • Pay Class 1A National Insurance

    Pay employers’ Class 1A National Insurance here

  • Pay a PAYE Settlement Agreement

    Find payment details  here

  • Pay a PAYE late payment or filing penalty

    Find payment details  here

  • Pay Contributions Equivalent Premiums

    Find out how here

  • Pay Stamp Duty

    Find out how to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax here

  • Enveloped Dwellings

    Find information about paying Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings here

  • Stamp Duty Reserve Tax

    Pay Stamp Duty Reserve Tax here

  • Tax credits overpayments

    If you have been overpaid tax credits find out how to repay them here

  • Air Passenger Duty

    To pay Air Passenger Duty click here

  • Environmental taxes

    Pay all environmental taxes here

  • Importing Vehicles

    If you are importing vehicles into the UK find out how here

  • Other HMRC taxes, penalties and settlements

    Find out details about other payments to HMRC here

  • Intrastat penalties

    Pay Intrastat penalties with the information here

  • Direct Debit

    Pay HMRC tax bills by Direct Debit here

  • Pay by debit or credit card

    Find out how to pay HMRC by debit or credit card here

  • Certificate of Tax Deposit scheme

    Find out about the Certificate of Tax Deposit scheme here

  • Late payments

    Find out what to do if you can’t pay your tax bill on time here

  • Unpaid tax bills

    Find out what will happen if you don’t pay your tax bill here

  • Set up bank or building society payments to HMRC

    Documents relating to paying from bank and building society accounts can be found here