Brexit Tax

Despite the Brexit mess non-residence for tax purposes is becoming more popular than ever. Still, the sale of properties and dealing with subsequent capital gains tax liabilities needs carefully planned and executed.

Whereas wealthy foreigners could, at one time

Steedman & Company Ltd have again been nominated for Developing the Young Workforce award at the 2019 Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

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Fiona Tait 60

We’d like to thank Fiona for being such a valuable member of our team for over 30 years as she celebrates her 60th birthday.…

Football Agent Tax

Football clubs are increasingly under scrutiny for the paying arrangements to agents and the latest one in such trouble is a famous London club.

HMRC are currently looking into the financial affairs of 44 English league clubs, over 200

Gig Economy

The gig economy probably existed before William Pitt introduced Income Tax in 1798 and gradually evolved from musicians travelling around doing gigs to the present day enigma termed ‘the gig economy’.

Now with The Revenue’s spyware and a record number

Airbnb UK

Airbnb UK Topic: Find out how to take care of the business operations of an Airbnb business in the UK.

The Lowdown: Ricky Steedman, Managing Partner of Steedman and Company discusses some of the important considerations for successfully running an

Steedman & Company Ltd have been nominated for Developing the Young Workforce award at 2018 Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Read more about the 2018 Edinburgh business awards.…

COP9 Letter from HMRC

Evidence is mounting that HMRC may be planning a new Connect spyware assisted series of enquiries into individuals with large private wealth in the UK.

Individuals likely to be identified as tax evaders, are those living in areas with the

Buy to Lexit

The great British buy to let market has been a mainstay of middle class wealth for decades. It has been a safe haven for excess funds; an easy to understand, accessible, liquid asset class which has seen thousands build up

Building Blocks in the Digital Data Chain

Most people by now are aware of the existence and purpose of virtual currencies, or crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin. Some, particularly in certain tech-heavy areas of London, are using Bitcoins on a daily basis to purchase items or