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AT is an area of taxation which usually emerges as a business concern in a reactive way when the businesses VAT affairs come to the fore. There is no need for this to be the case. Hiring a VAT consultant to assist with HMRC mediation, for example, is a great proactive way to deal with any situation you may find yourself in. Here we’ll take a look at some of the predicaments where speaking to a VAT consultant is recommended as a course of action.

How can a VAT Consultant help?

When you reach the VAT threshold, or whenever dealing with and keeping on top of VAT becomes important, it is essential to be aware of how VAT planning can help as an effective way to comply with VAT rules and regulations.

VAT returns must be submitted to HMRC before the deadlines and your VAT liabilities must be complied with so that all of your transactions have been conducted in the correct fashion.

A VAT consultant is experienced in dealing with VAT liability and can help everyone from sole traders to large companies manage their VAT in the best way possible.

What about VAT Investigation?

If you’re currently being investigated for VAT fraud, or you think this may happen, it is crucial that you talk to somebody who can get your affairs in order.

VAT consultants understand the complexities of VAT assessments and can ultimately help you by reducing any VAT penalties you may incur.

A VAT consultant can effectively arbitrate with HMRC for you so that any disputes are cleared up before you experience any more stress.

What next?

Steedman and Company have extensive experience of HMRC mediation and can help resolve any disputes or assist with an appeal.

Talking to us is recommended as a first course of action and our friendly VAT consultants are available to help answer your questions.

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