Corporate Tax (or Corporation Tax) is a direct tax on the income of a corporation. Find out more in our posts tagged ‘Corporate Tax’.


Capital Allowances Tips

Even for a so called expert, filling out a tax return can be a confusing enough process, but the one section that often has everyone flummoxed is the capital allowances. Here are some simple pointers to explain the reason and

Corporate Tax Avoidance Action Sought at EU Summit by David Cameron

EU leaders have been urged to help take action on extreme corporate tax avoidance schemes by large corporations at the latest EU summit. Although such practices are entirely legal in nature David Cameron is seeking to point out in Brussels

Business Rates Rise of Increasing Concern

Rises to business rates are a major concern for small firms amidst changes to the tax system, a survey of the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has found.

Members of FPB were polled on the current Government’s changes to tax.

Reduced Rates Scheme Benefits Record Number of Scottish Businesses

89,087 Scottish businesses have benefited from the Small Business Bonus Scheme (SBBS) in the past year, according to new Government data.

The scheme provides non domestic business rates discount for small Scottish businesses. Last year, 85, 199 took up the