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Taxation Posts

HMRC Paper Chase Brings Loss of Face

Half a million people have not been sent tax reminders due to HMRC running out of paper.

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Tax Office Blamed By MPs For Gaffes

The Treasury Select Committee has held Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) responsible for intolerable deficiencies in fundamental services in a scathing report.

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New HM Revenue & Customs Task Forces to Tackle Tax Evaders

We look at the new task forces set up by HMRC to tackle income tax evasion in local areas.

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Tax Office Staff to Strike

HMRC staff are going on a strike this week as a protest against policy on sick pay. The PCS union is calling on its 50,000 members to walkout at 16:00 on June 7, with members to come in to work late at 10:00 the following day and taking two hours for lunch.

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Treasury Loses out on £16 billion of Unpaid Tax

Up to £16 billion of unpaid tax has been missed by the Treasury according to a new in depth report. More than half a million companies disappeared last year without paying any tax and in most cases not filing accounting.

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Offshore Bank Account Tax Disclosure

Offshore Bank Account Tax Disclosure is commonly understood to be a grey area in HMRC's handling of people with offshore bank accounting.

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Government Boosted By Bumper Tax Receipts

The biggest government financial surplus for more than 2 years has been recorded as healthy income tax receipts last month swelled the treasury’s coffers.

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Tax cuts impossible says Prime Minister

As the government presses ahead with its deficit reduction strategy, Prime Minister David Cameron has ruled out significant tax cuts.

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High Tax Awaits High Earners

Nearly a million people face soaring rates of tax as the government’s deficit reduction plan continues this spring.

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£900 Million Tax Crackdown Planned

£900 million will be spent by the Treasury in an attempt to clampdown on tax evasion, chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has revealed.

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