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Taxation Posts

HMRC Considers Plan to Collect Tax Directly

A controversial plan by HMRC to deduct tax directly from employees bank accounting is being considered, it has emerged.

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Following the widely publicised mass errors uncovered within the PAYE system, three senior executives within HMRC appeared before a Commons select committee.

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Treasury Staff To Be Cut

The Treasury is planning to cut staff numbers by a quarter as the Chancellor George Osborne seeks to roll back his department in line with sweeping cuts across the board.

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No Tax Cuts Within Five Years

New tax cuts are unlikely to be seen within the next five years, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has said

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The Office of Tax Simplification Arrives

On July 20, the much heralded Office of Tax Simplification was launched. Its remit is to provide independent advice to the government on simplifying the UK tax system.

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Prepare for Storm

Evidence is growing that the Revenue and Customs have spent much of the last two years retraining and reworking a relatively newly established partnership.

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April is of course the month that heralds the new tax year. Along with the submission of year-ends and the distribution of P60’s there’s also new tax-free allowances.

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