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Taxation Posts

Scale of Tax Avoidance Revealed

The degree of tax avoidance by the super rich has been revealed after figures released by the Treasury.

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New Tax Year to Herald a Number of Changes

The beginning of the new tax year tomorrow will see significant changes to both tax and benefits in time in time for the beginning of the 2012/13 tax year.

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Advisors Favour General Tax Amnesty

A survey of nearly 100 accountancy firms has discovered that almost 80 percent of tax advisors favour a general disclosure facility for people to declare unpaid tax from the past.

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HMRC Settlements

In the midst of public feeling that HMRC has had too cosy a relationship with large companies in relation to their tax settlements, new rules will be implemented in an attempt to make their dealings more transparent.

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New Tax Penalties Come in to Force

A new fining regime, charging up to £1,600 for late filing, will be implemented by HMRC on Friday 17, 2012.

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Tax Crackdown – Tax Office Targets Builders

Builders involved in home improvement are the latest sector of workers to be targeted by HMRC in their tax crackdown campaigns.

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Written off Tax – Treasury Unaware of Written off Tax

£10.9 billion of unpaid tax was written off in 2009/2010 by HMRC, without the Treasury being aware this was the case until now.

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Tax Return Deadline Extended By Two Days

Strike action at HMRC's call centre on 31 January has prompted the tax authorities to effectively extend the Self Assessment deadline until midnight Thursday 2 February.

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HMRC Records Checks to Continue

HMRC are to continue with their controversial business records checks (BRCs) after admitting they were reviewing the scheme following criticism that small companies were being unfairly targeted.

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HMRC has been attacked by a committee of MPs for the way they have allowed some big businesses to settle their tax bills.

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