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Taxation Posts

UK Tax Evaders Targeted by G7

UK tax evaders have been warned that there is a combined effort aimed at them and other industrialised nations who are part of the G7 group.

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Extra Statutory Concession A19

Extra Statutory Concession A19 has been making headlines lately after HMRC recently campaigned to end ESC A19 altogether.

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Tax Return Deadline Catches Many as HMRC Now Issue Daily Fines

Tax Return deadline cut-off fines are likely to be issued by HMRC to between 500,000 to 1m late filers from today.

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Top Ten Celebrity Tax Scandals

Whilst there are many more to choose from, these are some of the most high profile tax scandals we have seen and reflect a good range of circumstances, from crafty dealings and general negligence to pure criminal behaviour.

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Tax Return Cancellation – No More Tax Returns? Let’s Party!

Chancellor George Osborne announced last week that he was planning to scrap the annual tax return to simplify the process of paying tax for thousands of self-employed workers.

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HMRC to Shut Down All Enquiry Centres

All 281 of HMRC’s enquiry centres are to close by 2014. The centres give face to face advice to around two and a half million tax payers and their closures will affect 1,300 jobs.

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Is the Taxman Strapped for Cash?

You may have seen some stories in the news this week that HMRC have scaled back their winding up orders in recent months, with experts declaring the reason to be lack of cash to pay for insolvency services, as opposed to the taxman finding an unexpected compassionate streak.

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Parliamentary Hearing on Tax Avoidance with the Big Four

Following an exchange of emails I had last year with the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP on the issues addressed by the Public Accounts Committee of HMRC and multinational business tax avoidance, I was delighted to receive another email from the Public Accounts Committee.

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Rangers Win Big Tax Case against HMRC

The old Rangers Football Club, currently in liquidation, has won an appeal against HMRC over its use of Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT’s).

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The Big Tax Debate

The Big Tax Debate – Ricky Steedman was on the panel at the Edinburgh University “Bollocks to Poverty Society” Big Tax Debate.

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