Wages is a common term for income generated from employment or operating a business. As wages are, after all what most people work for in the main, it is important to understand how to go about managing your wages are if you’re an individual and how to handle wages for employees if you own your own small business. Even if you are a Sole Trader you will likely pay yourself wages so it is worth being fully clued up about wages and taxation (Income Tax in particular).


Growth in UK Manufacturing

In June of this year UK manufacturing showed its strongest growth in two years. This appears to have boosted many people's hopes of an economic recovery. The purchasing managers' index (PMI) was 52.5 last month, which is a strong indication of growth since any figure above 50 is considered an improvement.

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Tax Helpline – A Quarter of Tax Helpline Calls Go Unanswered

Around a quarter of all taxpayers calls to HMRC help lines go answered, with no guidelines being in place to advise callers how long they may have to wait.

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Consumer Spending Drops Despite Pre Christmas Sales

New figures released today by the British Retail Consortium (MRC) have seen the poorest sales performance since May and 1.6 percent lower than the same month last year.

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UK Public Borrowing Lower Than Expected

The month of October saw the UK’s new borrowing fall to £6.5 billion, down from £7.7 billion the year before.

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National Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage UK – We Discuss News About UK Minimum Wage Rates. We also discuss wages for British companies who are facing increases of up to £6.08 an hour.

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Increase in National Minimum Wage

The implementation of the new national minimum wage starts today. The current rate for workers aged 21 and over goes up from £5.80 per hour to £5.93 per hour.

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