Interest rates are a percentage charged on borrowings and savings. Read our posts for more about interest rates.


Banks Willing to Lend More to Small Firms

According to the BBA (British Banker’s Association) banks are ready to lend small businesses cash.

It has emerged during a recent campaign by the industry group to promote small business lending trends that the majority of loans are now being

LIBOR and You

One of the highlights in the news this week has been the LIBOR rigging scandal, for which the part nationalised RBS has been forced to pay a £390m fine.

Have you seen it on the 6 o clock news and,

Interest Rates Low

The surprise increase in inflation last month prompted some speculation that the Bank of England might raise interest rates as a way of curbing inflation.

But the bulk of thought is that there will be insufficient improvement in the UK

Interest Rate Rise Unlikely as Incomes Drop

Base rates are expected to remain at 0.5 percent amidst predictions that people’s spending capacity will fall for the fourth year in a year; the first time to happen since the 1870’s.

Deloitte’s economic advisor Roger Bootle says that an …

House prices rose by 0.5 percent in March, according to figures from the Nationwide building society.

The rise results in the average price of a house being £164,751, just 0.1 percent than this time a year ago.

Robert Gardner, the …

Interest Rates Kept at 0.5%

British interest rates are to be kept at a record low of 0.5% for the 19th month in a row by the Bank of England.

It was widely expected that the rate would be maintained at this level, despite one …