Fuel duty, as its name implies is tax on fuel. As a vital part of the economy and infrastructure, transportation is an important area in terms of tax and accountancy. With rapidly changing discoveries and views in terms of the environmental impact of fossil fuels, fuel is becoming a very changeable and even more discussed subject. Read our posts to find out more.


Inflation fell in November partly due to supermarket price wars and a strong harvest, keeping food and petrol prices in check.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the consumer prices index fell to 4.8 percent in November, down …

Fuel Duty Increase Scrapped in Budget

Fuel duty increases – We discuss here.

The planned increase in fuel duty of 4 pence per litre was scrapped in George Osborne’s budget yesterday. And a further 1 pence will be cut from pump prices immediately. The move will …

Petrol Prices Push Inflation Up

Inflation has been pushed up to a four month high due to higher petrol prices.

The Office for National Statistics reported this morning that inflation rose to an annual rate of 3.2 percent on October. Most economists had predicted the …