Bank reforms have taken place across the UK since the financial crisis that occurred circa 2010.


Interest Rates Low

The surprise increase in inflation last month prompted some speculation that the Bank of England might raise interest rates as a way of curbing inflation.

But the bulk of thought is that there will be insufficient improvement in the UK

Bank Reforms to go Ahead

Bank reforms are to go ahead to prevent banks being bailed out in the future by the public purse.

George Osborne and Vince Cable will push ahead with the plans to separate high street lenders from “casino” investment banking.

Cable, …

Banks Urged to Draw Up Contingency Plans

Bank governor Sir Mervyn King says that banks need to brace themselves for an “extraordinary serious and threatening” economic situation.

The crisis in the eurozone is the biggest threat to the UK’s banking system, the Bank’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) …

UK Economy Recovers Faster Than Expected

The British economy has been given a boost with the news that the there has been twice as fast growth in the third quarter as expected.

Economists had been widely predicting growth of 0.4 percent as the opposed to the …