Assets are often acquired when building a business. Proper recording and management of assets is essential.


Overseas Tax Minefield

If you are looking to expand your business overseas or just need help understanding the complex tax arrangements that apply to foreign income e.g. remittance basis, then you have come to the right place. Steedman & Company offer over 25

Capital Allowances Tips

Even for a so called expert, filling out a tax return can be a confusing enough process, but the one section that often has everyone flummoxed is the capital allowances. Here are some simple pointers to explain the reason and

Sold a second home recently?

You may have seen the piece yesterday in the Sunday Times Money supplement about HMRC going after people for capital gains tax on the sale of second homes.

The essential point of the article was that HMRC believe many people

To define ‘Due diligence’ a simple way of looking at it is investigating a business and its assets for an acquisition. The term can mean a legal process but often involves a voluntary investigation of the business for sale.


Government Philanthropy Giving Millions in Charity to Arts

Government matches philanthropy funding for £8m investment in museums and galleries.

Museums and galleries across England will be able to bid for a slice of £8 million joint philanthropic and Government funding to improve displays, increase access and enhance public …

Offshore Bank Account Tax Disclosure

Offshore Bank Account Tax Disclosure is commonly understood to be a grey area in HMRC’s handling of people with offshore bank accounting. In 2007 the government won an appeal from Barclay’s Bank to stop HMRC accessing customer’s accounting. Many who …