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ebsites and online marketing approaches are now an essential tool for any serious start-up or existing business. We can help you employ similar strategies to our own successful approach to ensure you compete in the complex world of online brand building. Graphic design and social media can combine to help support a properly positioned website to present your services and business outline to a new audience but it is essential to first seek business support from a team of professionals who are uniquely positioned to understand your sector.

The reason for getting business planning help with online marketing strategies is that it’s easy to plough too much cash or other resources into trying to out-do your competition, when in fact, a measured and sustained approach aligned to an ongoing process for gaining brand awareness online is the best way forward.

The first step is defining what your website and online marketing efforts (such as weighing up whether to pay for digital advertising) are going to potentially achieve for your business. Then an outline can be developed of what exactly needs done and on what scale. For example you may wish to create your own content initially and on an ongoing basis which will take up valuable time (but can be time well spent) in which case you will be able to compete in the world of organic search. If you are starved of time but have working capital to invest you could consider paid advertising instead.

Either way it is important to establish what your business can cope with and what you want to achieve. At Steedman & Company we pour a lot of in-house resources into our online brand and developing website content because we believe it is worth taking the initiative in this area rather than hoping for the best at gaining interest from third parties online.

Part of our strategy is to follow other companies, institutions and industry bodies as part of our social media plan since we have learned that it is best to be part of a busy ‘online’ high street. We are happy to share our ideas about websites and marketing online with you and help you get started in this increasingly important business development area.

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