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ocial media for business is to be ignored at your peril. Although it may be hard to define what exact tangible benefits pouring resources into social media strategies may bring it is an area which must be understood and engaged in if you are serious about growing a customer base.

From showing that you are listening by being present on social media – whether your reply to every last comment or not – you are taking your place on the busy digital high street which is where many of your, especially younger, customers are hanging out.

At Steedman & Company we maintain several social media profiles and have learned the best way to use this new marketing opportunity for small business.

Whatever your sector we think there’s more to be gained by harnessing social media than there is to be lost be devoting resources towards it.

Even from a simple brand building point of view a visual blog post whereby you present some newsworthy information in a style unique to you (with your logo at the bottom of the image) can see your logo shared across many platforms.

The truth is that sort of exposure isn’t easy since, if it was, everyone would be successful on social media. However, like everything else with marketing, you get out what you put in and you can take steps to make your success more likely.

Talk to our team today too find out how to harness social media for your business.


We understand small business and social media and can help advise you about what to do to set up profiles and get recognition for your efforts. Some social media channels may be more appropriate than others but whatever is the latest ‘thing’ a robust social media strategy for your business will ensure you are in a good position for when this part of business marketing becomes even more popular in the future.

I switched to Steedman & Company two years into running my own business as I was suffering from some common new business issues, e.g. credit control, and I liked their no-nonsense approach to tackling problems. They’ve been vital in turning my business into a success and are always one step ahead of me.

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