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Bitcoin Virtual Currency Taxation

If you're reading this you probably have an interest in crypto-currencies. Feel free to speak to us about accountancy and how it affects Bitcoin and crypto-currency.

A mystery to most but becoming more and more common as an asset class for the tech-savvy investor, Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are forming a common area of enquiry. The taxation of such items poses more questions than answers and we are able to assist any investor through the process of making their crypto-currency investments both tax compliant and tax efficient.

Whether you are an established investor with declarations or decisions to make or are thinking about starting to invest and not sure about the tax implications, we can guide you through the process. (Note, we are not investment advisors and do not provide any investment advice related to crypto-currencies or any other assets).

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    The taxman would like us to believe that ‘tax doesn’t have to be taxing’. Steedman and Co help ensure that aspiration is a reality.”

    Sir John CurticePolitical Scientist
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    It’s been a very difficult time. My head has been all over the place. Still got so much to sort out but having tax returns off my mind meant I could sleep monday night.”

    Lynne SchroderSculptor
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    Steedman and Company are a family run business who have been looking after my mothers, fathers, brothers and now my accounts for decades!

    Robbie PhillipsElite Professional Climber
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    Just moved to Steedman and Company for all of my tax affairs. First class service and great advice. A great big thank you to the entire Steedman staff.

    Malcolm KinnearDigital Installer

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