Gig Economy Income Tax HMRC

Gig Economy, Income Tax and HMRC – Are people hiding without Halloween masks?

The gig economy probably existed before William Pitt introduced Income Tax in 1798 and gradually evolved from musicians travelling around doing gigs to the present day enigma termed ‘the gig economy’. Now with The Revenue’s spyware and a record number of snitches around, even the rich singers and comedians who sometimes fit in a private party or a 30 minute “cash” appearance …

Airbnb UK Business Help

Airbnb UK: Our Airbnb Business Guide

The huge success of Airbnb can be measured in Edinburgh city centre by the regular noise of suitcases on wheels being pulled along the streets of the famous James Craig-designed New Town. However the Connect spyware used by HMRC, together with Airbnb themselves ensures that all recipients are on the tax radar. Find out more in our latest post.

COP9 Letter HMRC

COP9 Letter from HMRC

Evidence is mounting that HMRC may be planning a new Connect spyware assisted series of enquiries into individuals with large private wealth in the UK. Individuals likely to be identified as tax evaders, are those living in areas with the greatest number of concentrated wealthy people such as Nottingham, Cheshire and Edinburgh. Unlike recent amnesty campaigns this push will see …