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Trusted Helper

HMRC helpfully allows friends or family members register as a 'trusted helper' when an individual requires help with their tax affairs:

As a trusted helper you can:

  • Ensure the person is paying the correct tax
  • Login and update the person's personal tax account with new details
  • Claim tax refunds
  • Check company car tax details

To begin the process (which must be actioned by the person you are representing by phone if internet access is not possible) you will require:

  • Forename and surname
  • National Insurance (NI) number
  • DOB

You can begin the process by following this link.

An individual is legally responsible for their personal tax affairs (this is stated on the HMRC website)

Would you like help setting yourself up as a Trusted Helper?

We can help get you to the right place so that you can set up yourself up as a Trusted Helper with the minimum of fuss.