Films & Videos

Journey with Steedman & Company

See a visual depiction of the journey from our beginnings in Edinburgh 30 years ago when ex-HMRC tax expert Ricky Steedman founded the company to now.

A Social World

How does an accountancy firm interact on social media? Find out about how Steedman and Company connects in a social world.


What are they saying about us? From sole traders to small businesses and larger enterprises find out what our some of our valued and trusted clients have to say about us.

How We Can Help You

How can we help you? With our large range of services and unique, highly-friendly and personal customer care we help our clients deal with complex issues with a minimum of fuss. We talk their language. Find out more in our film here.

The Tax Trap

Ricky Steedman was featured in this Channel 4 Documentary not long after he set up Steedman and Company. It was watched by over 4m viewers and attracted much media attention. Watch an overview with parts of the documentary here.


We created this short film about the state of the UK economy during the financial crisis in 2010. Watch interviews with members of our team and find out ideas about how small businesses in the UK could best respond to the crisis.