Tax Planning Services

Steedman and Company can provide you with an expert tax and financial planning accountant now

We can help you complete your accounts and tax return as well as review your trading results and tailor advice to generate maximum benefit directed towards your personal needs. Our financial planning accountants will:

  • Analyse gross profit and overheads
  • Examine the strengths and weaknesses of your business
  • Look into reinvestment and retirement planning
  • Examine ways to maximise pension profits
  • Look at strategies to reduce tax bills
  • Provide inheritance tax advice to minimise issues in this complicated area.
    Read more about self assessment and inheritance tax issues.

Your tax planning experts in Edinburgh, Newcastle and throughout the UK

We are the most established and professional company operating in Scotland and the North of England with over two decades of experience. Having built up a large, loyal client list we are well placed to offer small, medium and large businesses with the financial planning planning help they need and we will assign an expert accountant to service your individual needs right away once you seek a free consultation from one of our team.

Financial planning is important to your business

Many business owners believe they are on top of their financial planning but even if you are it is very useful to seek independent advice to offer an alternative an unbiased opinion. Our tax experts can give a unique insight into areas which may be able to produce exciting opportunities which you may not have identified in your business.

Talk to our financial planning accountant today about how we can best prepare your tax and accounts and maximise your business potential – 0845 340 4222